Domination TableMaster is a freeware program for easy use of lists and random tables (which are often found in RPGs). TM lists and tables are in xml format and it is possible to use the tcl scripting language in the generation of results.

TM was made as a part of the Domination game project but can be used with any game system.

Since I just released the first version there isn't much here yet but I will add stuff whenever I have something new.

Please note that TM currently is Alpha quality (since it hasn't had any testing) so please report any bugs or problems you encounter.

Screenshot from TableMaster (version 1 alpha1)

Screenshot from TableMaster (version 1 alpha1)


Some of TableMaster's features:


XML based tables for easy syntax checking (just load them into Internet Explorer).


A powerful scripting language. TM tables may include Tcl-scripts for text manipulation (or other things).


Works on all platforms that have a Java virtual machine version 1.3 or later (Windows, MacOS X, and most flavours of Unix/Linux).


To use TM you need:


a java runtime environment 1.3 or later


Just download and extract (below) and you're all set to go

- version 1 alpha7 (2002-05-29)

Included in the TM distribution is only a few examples of tables to get you started. You might find some more useful tables here: Extra Tables.


If you have a JRE installed TM should start with the appropriate start script TableMaster.bat (Windows) or (Unix/Linux), both are located in the TableMaster directory.

Detailed instructions for installing TM and a JRE on Windows.

If you have any problems feel free to mail me at <>.

Getting Involved

Since I only develop TM on my free-time and I don't have a lot of that, I would appreciate any help with the development. Currently I am in need of some Swing stuff so if you know some Swing and have a little free time let me know!

For all non-programmers who want to help: send in your tables of just about anything you can come up with!

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